Deep Space Nine Companion (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) by Paula M. Block, Terry J. Erdmann

Deep Space Nine Companion (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

Deep Space Nine Companion (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) Paula M. Block, Terry J. Erdmann ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0671501068, 9780671501068
Page: 736
Publisher: Star Trek

Star Trek Voyager did a good 'scifi Menghele' with a Cardassian doctor (at least a hologram of one) who'd learned information that was needed to keep Torres alive. They clearly have a deep rapport and respect for each, and Odo could certainly value that as much a "love," so without treading on the landmine of Star Trek and romantic plots, they could have found a way to make this idea work. To offer a greater variety of ways. Erdmann was contacted by Pocket Books to write a companion to Deep Space Nine, he had been working as a motion picture publicist for films including Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Deep Space Nine traded the Wagon Train to the Stars premise of the previous (and future) Star Trek shows for a "Fort Apache in Space" or The Rifleman in space setting. You visit the lounge to pick your favorite companion for your peccadilloes, then on to the bar to buy your favorite drugs and drink. He leaves behind an experimental computer designed to assist with emergency decision-making on small vessels in deep space. Plus it's really hard not for me not to read the DS9 Ferengi — who were basically space pirates in TNG — as some sort of waaaay over-the-top anitsemitic caricature, even though I very much know that was not the intention. DeCandido, Heather Jarman, Jeffrey Lang, Michael A. A description of tropes appearing in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual Add interest and excitement. (And now I wonder if the Doctor had a human companion during any of the Time War.) The Doctor's been on his own 1) It felt like a warmed over version something I'd seen before, like a Deep Space Nine episode transplanted to the Wild West . Mitchell's classic Star Trek novel Enemy Unseen. Through the collection Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual new style. Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Edited by: Marco Palmieri Author(s): Christopher L. Then adjourn to the room and pleasure time.

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